Delivery Details

Please use the form on this page to enter the delivery details of the recipient of your order. Kindly note that we cannot ship without a valid phone number / zip.

Please only enter the form ONCE. If you’d like to update your details at a later date, please contact us via

Indiegogo Customers

If you ordered on Indiegogo, please make sure to double check the email address recorded in your Indiegogo account. You can do this by going to Indiegogo > My Settings. We send all communication to this email address, so if your regular email address differs to your Indiegogo address, please let us know.

Please also double-check the shipping information  you input at the time of purchase as we use this address to send your product to you. You can find the address you used on the receipt from Indiegogo at the time of purchase. Please note that any discrepancies between the address you provided and your actual address may mean you cannot receive your products.

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