Code 10 User Manual

Closing the backpack
1. Force any excess air out of the backpack.
2. Close the main zip at the top of the backpack.
3. Roll the top of the backpack down four times.
4. Connect the buckles at the top, or to the side compression straps.

Changing the Lock Code
1. Set the code to 0-0-0
2. Push the locking lever fully in.
3. Keeping the locking lever pushed in, turn the dials to your desired number.
4. Release locking lever.
5. Your password is ready.

Locking the backpack
1. Remove the lock from the back panel.
2. Pull the zip closed and place the zip loop over the buckle.
3. Connect the top buckles
4. Pull the two loops together and use the lock to secure the bag.


  • Carefully inspect the product before use. Look for cracks/damage
    to the opening, surface and seams. If any damage is apparent, do
    not use the product and contact us.
  • Backpack is designed to be water resistant. Do not submerge the
    backpack in water.
  • Do not use the backpack as a flotation device.
  • Ensure the backpack is closed before exposing to water/moisture.
  • Leave the backpack unattended at your own risk.
  • Code 10 is not liable for any possessions lost or
    stolen while using the Code 10 Backpack.

Product Care:

  • Do not expose to sunlight for long periods of time. Store in a cool,
    dry, dark place when not in use.
  • Avoid using sharp objects around the bag. If bag is touched by sharp
    objects, or subjected to heavy shocks (drops/bumps etc) inspect
    carefully for damage.
  • To clean the interior of the backpack, half fill with warm soapy
    water. Shake the backpack, pour out the water and leave to air-dry.
  • The straps can be hand washed using soapy water and a light
  • DO NOT machine wash.

To download a PDF version of these instructions, please click here.

Lost + Found Tag

How to use the Code 10 Lost + Found Tag:

1. Register or login to the Code 10 website (
2. Touch the tag against your phone (Android users only – iPhone users need to go to
3. Select the product you’d like to register and click submit
4. If you’ve purchased a genuine Code 10 product, your product will be logged in your Code 10 account.

Returning a backpack

1. If someone finds your backpack, they need to visit the lost and found page on this website
2. They can enter their email address, the unique code on the tag and a quick message explaining where they found your backpack.
3. You can choose to contact the finder and arrange the return of your backpack