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The Code10 Messenger is totally waterproof. TPU-coated material, high-frequency welded seams and the roll down closure design ensures that no water or moisture can get in your bag, no matter where you take it. The outer pockets of the bag are highly water-resistant.


Suitable for any situation. The Messenger easily transitions from a stylish shoulder bag to a courier bag or a sleek laptop case. The quick-adjust strap allows you to position the bag perfectly for your frame and body shape, and the included removeable support strap lets gives you greater stability when cycling or on your motorbike.


The Messenger is highly secure. Quick magnetic Fidlock (TM) buckles are a fast and easy to secure and prevent your bag from being opened by pickpockets and passersby. When the top of the bag is rolled down in waterproof-mode, the main zipper is completely hidden and inaccessible. For extra security the Commuter can be locked using the retractable combination lock.



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Feature List

  • Waterproof Roll top closure
  • Hidden, Securable Zip
  • Courier > Shoulder > Laptop case
  • Quick Access / Water Resistant Outerpockets
  • Protective Padded walls
  • Retractable Lock
  • Hidden Zipper
  • Smart Straps
  • Reflective logo
  • Suitcase Strap


  • 600D TPU-Coated Polyester Fabric
  • YKK Water Resistant Zippers
  • Magnetic Fidlock Buckles


The material we use for the bag is 100% waterproof and all seams use a high frequency welding technique (rather than traditional stitching) to prevent any water from entering. If closed properly, the main compartment of the bag is highly water resistant – this means that it can be heavily soaked by water without fear of any moisture getting inside. However, we don’t recommend that you use the bag underwater as it is not always possible to ensure that the bag is 100% sealed.
When empty, the backpack weighs approximately 750g (1.6lb).
The Code 10 Backpack is not made of a specialist cutproof material. It’s extremely durable and would put up a good fight against a thief with a knife, but it is not impenetrable to someone with good tools. What we aimed for was a bag that would prevent against petty thieves, pickpockets and bag snatchers. We actually experimented a lot with slash proof materials and in the end we decided not to use it for the Code 10. There were a number of reasons for this, but the main one was that we did not find a material that was both truly waterproof AND truly slashproof.
We’ve created a very simple system, which is both effective and easy to use. Once the bag is zipped shut, you can secure the zip by hooking the zipper loop over the buckles. A hidden padlock can then be taken out of the backpanel and used to lock the buckles together and ensure that the zip can’t be opened. This same system also allows you to lock the bag to static objects.

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Additional information

Weight 0.85 kg
Dimensions 40 x 10 x 47 cm

TPU-Coated Polyester


Black, Grey/Black


30*12*48 cm / 16L


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