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Made from 100% waterproof TPU coated fabric with high-frequency welded seams, the core of the bag is fast and easy to close, and keeps out water and moisture, even in the toughest of conditions.

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The backpack is designed to deter against pickpockets and opportunistic thieves. The roll down design makes it impossible for thieves to access the zip when you’re wearing the bag. Our unique locking system allows you to secure the main compartment of the bag and lock it to almost any fixed object.

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The Code10 Backpack comes with a lightweight tech sleeve that attaches securely inside the bag and can be removed when you aren’t taking your tech with you. The sleeve fits laptops up to 15″ and has space for a phone, hard drive, powerbanks and cables.

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Suitcase Strap

A quick and easy-to-use elastic strap allows you to secure your bag onto your suitcase – perfect for travel and commuting.

Card Pocket

The shoulder strap card pocket is designed to hold your travel cards, ski passes or any other card that you use frequently.

Bottle Pocket

The waterbottle pocket is virtually invisible when not in use and can expand to handle even the biggest bottles.

Secret Pocket

Hide your valuables in a water resistant, secret pocket – ideal for passports, credit cards etc.



  • 20L Lockable Waterproof Backpack
  • Removeable Tech Wallet (fits up to 15″ Macbook retina)


  • 30*14*60 cm (open)
  • 30*14*45 cm (closed)
  • 20L volume
  • 1.35 kg total weight


  • 600D TPU-Coated Polyester
  • YKK Water Resistant Zips
  • POM dual release buckles


The material we use for the bag is 100% waterproof and all seams use a high frequency welding technique (rather than traditional stitching) to prevent any water from entering. If closed properly, the main compartment of the bag is waterproof up to IPx58 – this means that it can be heavily soaked in water without fear of any moisture getting side. However, we don’t recommend that you use the bag underwater as it is not always possible to ensure that the bag is 100% sealed.
When empty, the backpack weighs approximately 1kg.
We’ve created a very simple system, which is both effective and easy to use. Once the bag is zipped shut, you can secure the zip by hooking the zipper loop over the buckles. A hidden padlock can then be taken out of the backpanel and used to lock the buckles together and ensure that the zip can’t be opened. This same system also allows you to lock the bag to static objects.

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Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 65 × 45 × 10 cm

TPU-Coated Polyester


30*14*45 cm (closed) / 20L


Black, Blue, Grey

10 reviews for Backpack

  1. ChingYip

    Just got the backpack, it was nice! Worthy!

  2. Kai

    Great backpack!
    Been using it now for approx. 4 weeks every day & weather.
    Very comfortable, stylish & lightweight.
    Only improvements I’d like to see in a future version:
    – bigger secret pocket
    – additional outside pocket within good reach when on your back
    Overall the best backpack i’ve ever used riding a bike. Great job!

  3. lutetia

    Very satisfied this backpack 😀
    It’s little hard outer skin, but it will soften over time i guess.
    little locks and NFC tag are included, look good and it will also be useful if you have lost backpack.
    tech wallet exactly fits my MacBook 15′
    i love this backpack. thank you 😀

  4. Frank

    The backpack is actually bigger than I expected it to be, which is anything but a problem! It looks classy and is exactly as promoted. I’m extremely enthusiastic about this backpack and can’t wait to see more of them on the streets! Cheers from Germany

  5. R. Rosario (verified owner)

    Been using it for almost 2 weeks while on travel here in the Philippines. Only gripes are:

    1. The sternum strap is not completely attached to the shoulder straps and kinks the attachment points under load, and
    2. The shoulder straps are not fully tuckable in the back panel when using the smart strap system.
    3. *Be extra careful when securing the cable lock that one does not change the combo inadvertently. I accidentally changed the combo while securing it, but luckily it was by only one digit and was able to recover.

  6. matthewafollows

    The best backpack I’ve ever used! Thank you!

  7. Rabixa

    I got this for the waterproof feature, thinking I’d just use it when I needed to take my laptop somewhere – but now I use it every day. It’s honestly my favorite bag I’ve ever owned. The fact that it’s basically a giant sack means I can put anything from a soccer ball to a ukulele inside it. And each of the little pockets seems perfectly placed and sized for what I need. If anything happens to my bag, I will definitely buy a replacement.

  8. Andrea Zazzarini

    Exactly like details described, this bag has more features easy to use, strong materials but light. Sold with nfc tag for lost&found service. I am so glad to have buy it. After sale service responded very quickly. Thanks.

  9. Reed487

    Overall a great backpack.
    I have biked with it in the rain many times, and the inside is always dry. The tech sleeve is great to hold my laptop accessories, and the sack style of the main pocket holds all of my other stuff with ease. The lock system works great, and the cable loops on the zipper part are great for holding a U-lock for bikes. The hidden pocket is awesome for holding my phone/wallet on the go and there are plenty of places to hook a carabinier to for holding a water bottle. Which is good, because my only complaint about the pack is its tiny water bottle holder, but with a carabiner and you can easily hook it to the outside.
    Overall I love this pack, perfect size for daily use, keeps my laptop and textbooks dry, and is extremely durable. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality backpack for daily use.

    • Charlie

      Hi there. Great comment and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. The water bottle pocket is really good feedback. We’ve changed the bottle pocket on our new items and will improve the original design soon. Thanks again.

  10. Piro

    Great bag, I have owned it for a few months now.
    I love it since I live in countries where it tends to rain quiet a bit.
    This bag is convinient and casual at the same time, enabling me to take it to work and protect my gear at the same time.
    It is also a great travel bag if you do water sports like me.

    The one pet peeve I have with it though, and this is just personal, is that when walking the shoulder straps do make a small noise with every footstep (it creaks/squeaks). I try to listen to music as much as possible when walking with it… Other than that, like I said before, it is a great bag

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